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Published on December 25, 2017

Passwords are sooo 1995. With today’s technology there are some seriously wicked new ways to secure your life. Scott Bromley from Tech Feed News joins Trace to take a look.

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Your Butt Is Your Password In The Anti-Theft Car Seat

“Keys can be stolen, remote alarms can be hacked. But your butt-print is yours alone. And if these Japanese researchers have their way, you’ll soon use it to start your car.”

Anti-Theft Car Seat Identifies Driver With 360 Sensors

“With all the advances in technology, anti-theft measures for automobiles really haven’t moved along at the same pace.”

Eye Movements Could ID Computer Users

“The password is becoming passé. Every week it seems, someone is proposing a new method for authenticating computer users when they attempt to access email or a bank account.”

I Think, Therefore I Am: Usability and Security of Authentication Using Brainwaves

“With the embedding of EEG (electro-encephalography) sensors in wireless headsets and other consumer electronics, authenticating users based on their brainwave signals has become a realistic possibility.”


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