No Retreat For Russian Robot From Random Road Rage Onrush

Published on November 1, 2017

A robot was seemingly attacked by an angry motorist in Russia in an incident that’s raised questions as to whether it was a publicity stunt or a random act of rage.

The Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) uses the AlanTim robot for various tasks. In this case, the robot was being driven around on a mission to study Moscow streets and collect information on road conditions and driver behavior. But something strange happened.

When the robot’s driver suddenly disappeared, AlanTim was left defenseless. Then, a man ran up to AlanTim with a bat and hit the robot multiple times, leaving it broken on the ground. MTI says AlanTim was badly damaged and is now being repaired.

It’s possible that the attack, which was caught on video, was a stunt to get attention for the robot. However, it could have just been one angry man. MTI wanted to know how drivers would react to the robot on the road. Well, now they know.

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