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Published on December 1, 2017

The FCC and Congress are voting on December 14th, 2017 to repeal the Net Neutrality laws that protect the us internet users from ISP’s Throttling, Blocking or Prioritizing internet traffic by regulating the ISP’s (not the internet) as a utility so you can buy bandwidth and use it however you like without restrictions. Without the Net Neutrality laws in place the Internet as we know it will no longer exist and we will have to pay for premium packages and bundles for our favorite websites like , and Reddit.

The internet service providers like Comcast, Charter, AT&T and Verizon have been campaigning with the FCC using lies claiming that Net Neutrality means the government has control of the internet which couldn’t be further from the truth. If Net Neutrality goes away the government can literally control what you see and what you can post and I’ll tell you why in this video. Please make sure you share this video with as many people as possible and get the word out. It’s critically important everyone gets involved and lets congress know we will not vote for people that takes bribes from ISP’s like 265 people already have.

Comcast is so confident Net Neutrality is going away that they’ve already updated their promises to include they will start prioritizing traffic the second the law is repealed. Please use the links below to contact as many people as possible and voice your concern and let congress and your senators know you will not vote them back in if they vote against Net Neutrality.

? Here is a list of congress people that sold your internet rights to ISP’s ?

^ – If your representative is on the list contact them by every means possible and let them know if they don’t vote to keep it you WILL not vote for them come election time.

? Find out if your identity was illegally used to vote for repeal by FCC ?

^- After being caught red handed they started deleting the comments they created fraudulently, so your name might have been on the list before but not now. Comment if your name is still in there.

? The FCC committed fraud with public comments to mislead people ?

? Comcast wavering on Net Neutrality pledge, lying to the public ?

? Proof of Ajit Pai (FCC Chairman) conflict of interest ?

? Comment on the Net Neutrality repeal proceedings directly ?

? FCC contacts so you can voice your concerns ?

? Contact your ISP and let them know your fighting publicly ?
Comcast – @Comcast on
Charter – @CharterGov on
AT&T – @ATT on
Verison – @Verizon on

? Publicly and privately tell Ajit Pai his conflict of interest is bad ?
@AjitPi on

? Tell Donald Trump you won’t vote him a 2nd term if he keeps this up ?
@realDonaldTrump – His personal
@Potus – Official presidential
@Whitehouse – White House staff

? John Oliver on Net Neutrality (Very Good) ?

? Easy way to send comments to the FCC ?

? Audio recordings of what Verizon is planning when Net Neutrality is gone ?

?Ship a bag of gummy dicks to these asses ?

? ? ? ? ? ?
Please provide me with any more links or contacts that are important in the comments below and I will add them to the video description. It’s important that we fight back each and every single day all the way up to the vote on the 14th. We need congress and the FCC to know that so many people oppose their actions they will not be voted for another term if they proceed with accepting the bribes and voting against Net Neutrality taking our internet freedom away…
? ? ? ? ? ?

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