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Published on December 29, 2017

When you buy directly from other countries you effectively bypass local trading standards and safety testing. Many of the products bought from international sellers on eBay may be made for an unregulated or less safety biased market. This video is my choice of what I believe may be one of the more dangerous products being sold in many forms. I’ll guess that it may be based on an original product that may be made to safer standards, but the original has probably been buried under a flood of clones and style copies.
The units shown in this video all have completely inappropriate power supply circuitry inside that has no isolation from the mains charging lead. This makes the USB charging output live when the unit is being charged, and a metal bodied phone like an iPhone could become live at 120-240V. This poses a huge risk as it would act as an electrode that your hand would grip onto so tightly that the only way to let go would be to isolate the power or break the flow of current through your body in some other way.
If you have one of these then be very aware that it may be dangerous. If you’ve given one as a gift then you may wish to contact the recipient to determine if their unit is dangerous.
Let me know if you can think of other suitably hazardous eBay devices.
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