Milling sinus profile of an end cam04:33

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Published on January 26, 2017

Orange cutter shaft is driven by a motor via a Cardano joint (not shown).
Green input shaft is driven by another motor (not shown).
Violet crank shaft and pink slider of traversal slot create a sinus mechanism.
The violet crank shaft receives motion via a chain drive represented by the black cable. Thus the grey workpiece (an end cam) rotates and the cutter moves up down synchronically to create the sinus profile on the cam. Here the chain trnsmission ratio i = 1. If I = 2, the cam will be of two sinus profiles.
Brown screw is for adjusting horizontal position of the cutter in accordance with cam diameter.
Cyan screw is for moving the workpiece up down.
Front disk of the violet crank shaft has several holes (for the red pin), distance of which to rotary axis of the crank shaft are different. Each hole is for a particular height of the sinus profile.
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