Meet The Man Who Swims To Work To Avoid Traffic04:33

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Published on February 2, 2018

Who needs to drive to work when you can swim to the office?

Benjamin David was sick of his congested morning commute in Munich, Germany. To correct this, he started swimming to work.

Every morning, David packs his clothes into a waterproof bag, slips on his wetsuit, and swims more than a mile down Munich’s Isar River. He says he only needs about 12 minutes to get to work.

“It is beautifully refreshing and also the fastest way,” he recently said.

With water temperatures dipping to 39 degrees Fahrenheit in during the winter, David’s wetsuit is able to keep him warm. His aquatic aspirations have inspired others, who are also trading walking shoes for a wetsuit.

But his commute home isn’t as refreshing, as the current is too strong to swim upriver.

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