Larger oriental LED lily plant with flex.04:33

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Published on January 30, 2018

This is a somewhat larger version of the classic Chinese mushroom/flower plug-in LED night lights. Although it uses the same circuit board and number of LEDs, the whole thing is scaled up with a bigger pot and flowers, and a two core flex with a plug on the end, giving the option of changing the plug for a local one.
It works well and the base and cap do open up the possibility of making your own customised version with either a modification to the existing mains voltage circuitry or a safer USB supply.
Note that if you pull off the silicone rubber flowers to access the LEDs then they may be in sockets and the LED may end up stuck inside the stamen of the flower. You’d also have to be aware that if you put the LED in back to front in the unmarked socket then there’s a 50/50 chance of the LED either working or failing as a result of a high reverse voltage. The LEDs can be carefully removed from the stamens with a pair of very thin long nose pliers. Be careful to make sure that the sharp LED leads don’t dig into the silicone rubber stamen and damage it as you retrieve them.

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