Inside a 3W Ikea clip-on desk light.

Published on September 19, 2017

I have to say that this is a really good light. A nice warm white from a Cree chip at good intensity.
The current regulation is done with two dedicated 350mA chips that basically act as fixed current limiters. The voltage from the PSU is so close to the actual LEDs forward voltage that they will not be dissipating too much waste heat. They do have integrated thermal protection though.
The PCB the LED is mounted on is ordinary fibreglass laminate but has a solid copper layer on the back with a lot of plated through holes to help transfer the heat through to the housing.
The PCB is clamped in place by the white reflector and an outer ring then snaps into place on the reflector to hold a central lens in position.

The datasheet for the chip can be found here:-

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