Improving Your Home Studio | Know Your Monitors | Part 204:33

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Published on December 1, 2017

In part two of this three part series, Justin Colletti of Sonic Scoop and Bob Mallory (producer and engineer at Avatar Studios and Paste Magazine) discuss home-studio monitoring including multiple sets of speakers, headphones, and interface setup. From the importance of familiarity with speakers to the trials in getting mixes to translate to multiple monitoring systems, get valuable insight from years and years of experience.

Learn about several pairs of preferred monitors and headphones that can be had on a modest budget and some pros and cons of different types of headphones for tracking or mixing. Dig into the logistics with a realistic look at monitor controllers, how to determine what’s right for you, and what options are available for various budgets.

Check out part three for tips on microphone technique and mic lockers.

Part 1| Improving Your Home Studio | Acoustic Treatment

Bob Mallory Recording and Mixing Engineer


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