ILICHTECH Eye Care LED Desk Lamp Review, A Desk Lamp You WILL Want!04:33

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Published on February 5, 2018

ILICHTECH EYE Care LED Desk Lamp Today we review a very cool LED desk lamp that is a easy on the eyes.

The ILICHTECH Eye Care LED Desk Lamp Sells for $59 –

The Eye-care LED Desk Lamp provides gorgeous, soft lighting.

From the 270° lamp head to the flexible arm and rotatable base, the lamp can be adjusted to light up virtually every available space in a way that other desk lamps cannot. In addition to its versatility, the design of the lamp means that it never hurts your eyes as the light panel reflects light back on itself. This ensures that the resulting light is soft and stable without ghosting, glaring, or any flickering so you can do what you love for longer.

The lamp features four adjustable lighting modes: Read, Study, Relax, or Sleep that can be selected depending on activity. Each of these can be further adjusted with five levels of brightness – perfect whether you’re studying, reading, or relaxing before bed. Control the light with touch sensitive buttons that pair with the modern design of the lamp.

For those that accidentally fall asleep when reading, the 1-hour auto-timer switches the light off so you won’t burn a hole through your electricity bill.

“Touch Dimmer 60 Minutes Auto-off Timer Highly Adjustable Arm USB Charging Port Reading/Study/Relax/Sleep Mode Natural light protects eyes Color Temperature:2500K~7000K High Efficiency and Energy Saving”

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