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Published on February 4, 2018


To my clutch, I am very sorry! I never meant to hurt you. I sure hope I didn’t hurt you to much!

UPDATE: At the time of this video, I was unaware that delivering pizzas for a year had done so much damage to my truck. My Drive Shaft was in BAD shape! They had to fix it. I spent a LOT of my income tax getting new tires, two new u-joints, and so many other things.

In LATE 2011 (a while after moving to KCMO), I got 2 Motor mounts replaced and the transmission mount replaced. Also, since I’ve owned the truck (bought it in Feb 2010 with 194 Thousand Miles on it, now has 227), the CAT has been punctured. I had no clue. It wouldn’t pass Missouri State Inspections until I got that replaced. About 120 dollars later, my truck has never been so quiet. And yes… I also got my clutch replaced (slave cylinder, fly wheel resurfaced, EVERYTHING) with my Income Tax. Gotta love having a dependent and getting the low income credit thing.

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