H&K MR762: Best .308 Battle Rifle Ever? [Full Review]04:33

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Published on January 21, 2017

The H7K MR762 flat out impressed us. But is it the best semi-automatic precision rifle we’ve tested yet? There are many excellent competitors, many already shot and reviewed here. Surely its military adoptions by multiple militaries seems to establish a proven track record. But no gun gets a free pass in testing here in TNP and we start with a fresh sheet of paper. Enter “arctic” testing conditions in the west desert of Nevada where we find crystalline ice structures never seen before out here. It’s here where the MR762 A1 starts laying down some smack. Remember, even in good weather we’ve seen many highly hyped SAPRs fail here (Daniel Defense DDV5]. The video chronicles the MR’s performance and it put a smile on our face. However the Heckler and Koch MR762 does have some serious drawbacks that will weigh it down. Many will be show stoppers for many buyers. And while H&K has updated the rail from this version shown here, other upgrades such as lightening, furniture, and muzzle threading await. Ergos, accuracy, our track record, accuracy, build quality, accessories and more are covered in this GRV. The MR762 is said to replace the errant Knights Armament produced M110 SASS as well. In the end we must give respect to this fine weapon despite its quirks and it will understandably draw many intelligent buyers.

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