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Published on January 21, 2017

Dive watches have always been a favorite of mine…story at the beginning is included at no addtl charge! But autowinding dive watches never did it for me: there were always dead when I really needed them, requiring constant updates/time setting, and often broke. But the look of the dive watch is classic and clean. So I went on a hunt for updated, higher technology, more durable high value dive watches in Amazon. This is what I found and have been using since then: the Seiko SNE Solar powered quartz dive watches rated to 200M. Covered here are the Seiko SNE245, SNE107, SNE109 dive watches. They are a favorite of mine now. All the details are covered in this 3 for 1 watch review: aesthetics, accuracy, toughness, solar technology, comfort, quality, noise, legibility, bezel preciseness, hand accuracy, SAWC, illumination, and more. The orange banded SNE245 will be hard to find as it was a Japanese domestic market import to the US (hence more expensive). These are some of the best dive watches around for the money…especially since they are solar powered and very low maintenance.

Seiko Men’s SNE109 200M Solar dive watch, cool orange face, urethane strap:
Seiko Men’s SNE107P2 200M Solar dive watch, black face, urethane strap:
Seiko Men’s SNE107 200M Solar dive watch w SS bracelet band:
Seiko SNW391P1 100M Solar dive watch (very cool, own one), blue face, SS link band:
Excellent Casio competitive options for $70!:
Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Super Illuminator dive watch (shown SS band replaced with Burton silicone, below):
Casio Men’s MTD1082D-2AV Super Illuminator dive watch, BLUE:

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