Estonian Inventor Creates Huge Mural With Robotic Spray Painter04:33

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Published on December 29, 2017

How do you make a 100-foot-tall mural? Create a spray painting robot like Estonian inventor Mihkel Joala. He tested out his printer on a chimney in Estonia and the printer can now produce 5 different colors. It dangles against the wall with a wire and a motor pulls it up and down against the chimney. Meanwhile, a computer automates the spraying. Colored dots and dashes are sprayed onto the surface. Joala created the image of a girl holding a tree with this message: We need more plants and less chimneys. This mural took 14 hours to finish, 30 cans of spray paint and 1.5 million dots of paint. Next, he plans to break the world record for the largest mural.

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