Doctors Have to Trick Your Brain’s Defenses to Heal You, Here’s Why04:33

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Published on November 23, 2017

Your body keeps your brain and your blood separate to filter out toxins and viruses. However, this barrier might be too good at its job.

This Is How Your Brain Powers Your Thoughts –

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New model may help science overcome the brain’s fortress-like barrier

“Dr. Zaynah Maherally and team at the University of Portsmouth have developed a model that mimics the blood brain barrier, paving the way for better, more efficient and reliable tests of drugs to treat brain diseases.”

Scientists Are Building a ‘Periodic Table’ of Brain Cells From Living Tissue

“The Allen Institute for Brain Science has been working on just such a “periodic table” of human brain cell types and recently released the first data on 300 human neurons, complete with 3D reconstructions of 100 brain cells and detailed information about each neuron’s unique electrical signature.”

Brain Imaging Technology Uses Machine Learning to Identify Suicidal Thoughts

“A team of US medical researchers has developed a new and decidedly high-tech system for potentially preventing suicide. Using advanced brain-imaging technology and machine learning — a kind of subset of artificial intelligence — the system can flag patients with suicidal thoughts by essentially reading their minds.”


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