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Published on February 20, 2017

Remember last time when you had to collect a large amount of data to make an informed decision? Think about tasks such as the collection of feedback from clients or the organization of a team event! Many see it as a time-consuming task… Not anymore, if you use the powers of the revamped Google Forms! In this episode, Jimmy and James share with us a concrete example of the usage of Google Forms and guide us through some great features and Add-ons that help them process data more quickly.

Google Forms recently got a facelift. It is now easier to collect and manage data. Also, the “Response” section was improved and is now equipped with more granular information. James and Jimmy walk us through these new changes. First, they show that we can create a new form faster, thanks to the roll-out of a new template gallery, located at

Also, It is now simpler to manage responses. If you want to keep track of each submitted answer, you can set up an email notification so that you get alerted every time someone submits a response. Now it is possible to can get a timestamp for each form submission! Also, this feature is helpful if you need to send a friendly reminder to those that haven’t fill out the form yet. Everything you need to do is to go to Responses view, click on the three little dots at right hand corner and select “Get email notifications for new responses”

Finally Add-ons! Our dynamic duo shows how they leverage the management of forms with the use of Add-ons. James explains how to set up his favorite Add-on, Form Mule, that allows him to automatically send a confirmation email to everyone who has answered the form. Jimmy loves the Add-on Form Limiter, which limits Forms from accepting responses after a maximum number of responses. To set up these add-ons, go to the Form Answer sheet and look-up for these add-ons at the “Add-ons” section, “Get Add-ons”. Check out the demo to know more!

The Forms & Add-ons combo does wonders with data. Interested in learning more about the advanced features in the new Google Forms? Check out this video from our Youtube partner SyncSisters:

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