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Published on November 30, 2017

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Japan Emic has commercialized a CO2 laser full cutting cutter. The SLCM 100F’s concentrated high-energy CO2 laser features a spot precision of 10µ. This new cutter provides non-contact machining and is capable of cutting narrow, deep grooves on surface materials with ultra precision.

The SLCM 100F can function as laser full cutting device and also as a laser scribe cutting device.

When it is used for laser full cutting, the SLCM 100F can cut a continuous, perfect groove on a glass surface from top to bottom precisely and efficiently.

With previous diamond cutting technologies a diamond blade was used to form a scribe line on the glass surface. The glass is cut along the scribe lines, and the scribe line cuts occur physically as a result of cracking due to internal stress in conjunction with the strong external pressure to produce the desired design. This cutting process produces glass cullets that then require extra time for chamfering and cleaning of the cut surface.

Japan Emic’s SLCM 100F laser cutter’s laser scribe function eliminates this problem. The laser generates an intense heat impact that instantaneously expands the cutting line on the glass surface as it moves. This process is followed by water cooling of the expanded portion of the cutting line, and the repetition of expansion and contraction produces a smooth cutting line. This process does not produce cullets, thus eliminating the need for chamfering and at the same time simplifying the cleaning process.

These functions can reduce cutting overlap to zero, and make it possible to cut both straight and curved lines. The SLCM 100F laser cutter can contribute to enhancing product quality for a wide range of electronic component materials including semiconductor boards as well as LCD related materials.

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