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Published on January 25, 2017

For a decade, a 33-year-old Chinese man from Leshan, in Sichuan Province struggled to live with a big tumor on his stomach which made him appear heavily pregnant.

The unnamed man dubbed as Zhang Cheng started feeling pain and discomfort in his stomach in 2004. Two years later, a lump was discovered. But instead of seeking medical treatment, Cheng chose to rely on traditional remedies. As a result, the tumor swelled and weighed 15kg or 33lbs.

Although it is not known if the tumor is cancerous, it is believed to be benign since medics would order its immediate removal as a matter of emergency.

When the tumor swelled to the size of a beach ball, doctors said that it could be fatal since the mass was pressing on Cheng’s internal organs and bowels. However, Cheng was repeatedly sent home by medics who told him that an operation would be to risky.

When his family was able to raise enough money to remove the tumor, Cheng received appropriate medical treatment at Military General Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It took lead surgeon Dr. Dai Ruiwu and experts from three clinical departments 6 hours in order to remove the tumor.

Speaking to local media, Cheng’s sister revealed: “Because our family is poor, my brother missed several opportunities to treat the illness.”

She added: “We have visited many other hospitals in the past, doctors said the success rate was low so we were sent home.”

His sister also disclosed that prior to the operation, Cheng’s “pregnant” stomach scared women away.

Currently, Cheng is being kept in an intensive care after the operation.

In north-eastern Peru, a certain Irianita Rojas Rasma looked heavily pregnant due to a mass on her stomach that caused constant pain. This left her no choice but to leave both school and work.

Fortunately, Peruvian health minister Anibal Velasquez ordered the treatment of Lima after seeing her condition.

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