Building the 200W Laser Bazooka and Playing with Chemicals – Jun 1204:33

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Published on January 26, 2017

I’ve been working on my giant 200W laser bazooka recently and decided that I should update my fans on that project, as well as my other projects in the works!


In this video I also update you all on my pyrotechnics projects, as well as my giant moth breeding. You also get to meet my kitty Puddyton. :p Yes, I have weird hobbies.

The chemical reaction you see in the video is between molecular iodine and aluminum powder. Adding water to the mix catalyzes the reaction, causing large amounts of iodine vapor to be released.

That Atlas moth that I show in the video is the largest species of moth in the world! They get even bigger than the one i showed in the video. The other moths I show are the H. cecropia, H. columbia, A. polyphemus, and A. io.

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