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Published on January 26, 2017

A certain beach. Marquis, the old-school detective, is waiting with impatience for someone in the car.
There, the cool and young Detective Dylan appears, with the “BUDDY” SELPHY in his hands.
The impression they mutually have meeting for the first time is awful.

The two detectives check a waste factory that seems to be the suspects’ hideout.
Then, a group of two suspects appears right in front of Marquis and Dylan.
Contrary to Marquis who is getting excited, Dylan takes a picture in a cool way with his smartphone and immediately sends it to SELPHY.

Marquis gets interested in Dylan’s SELPHY, then tries also by himself, printing pictures of criminals, and putting them in his notebook.

Thanks to SELPHY, they are convinced to have determined the suspects, and shake hands with confidence…

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