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Published on February 3, 2018

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The Japan Gas Association is promoting and improving urban gas technologies for use in gas cogeneration systems and fuel cells. The Kyoto Protocol took effect in Japan in February 2005, and this protocol calls for the implementation of effective measures to counter global warming. The use of biomass technologies is one global warming countermeasure that offers the advantages of maintaining a comfortable, sustainable standard of living and at the same time effectively stimulating local economies.
Biomass spurs energy conservation by helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel resources. Using biomass as a source of heat and electricity facilitates the diversification of energy supplies, while at the same time leading to the creation of a highly reliable energy system. One of the features of biomass technologies is that they are carbon neutral. This leads to prevent global warming by reducing CO2 emissions. The use of biomass technologies is socially responsible. When companies link their corporate activities with efforts to improve the environment they can boost their image with stakeholder communities. A government study found that an all-out effort to introduce biomass technologies in Japan could replace 39.46 million kiloliters (10.42 billion gallons) of crude oil, which is the equivalent of 10 percent of Japan’s primary energy supply.

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