Best Bug Out Gun Ever?: KelTec RDB Survival [Full Review]04:33

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Published on January 22, 2017

It ain’t perfect but it’s impressive (TWSS). The KelTec RDB “Survival” early production model shown here could use a couple of changes as suggested here, but even in current form it will be KelTec’s most popular gun ever. Consider its compact form, its lightweight, its relaiblity, and quickness into action (no stock to extend). From SAWC, to accuracy, to design and ergos, to competitive options, you’ll see this newest KelTec up close and in extended action in this Nutn GRV. An interesting philosophy discussion ensues. For instance this is a gun that might be adopted for VIP protective details, replacing a submachine gun option. With its 16 inch barrel, you don’t give up any velocity, it won’t launch fireballs, and it will be sending downrange a superior rifle caliber (vs 9mm or .40). I predict you’ll see the RDB Survival model in full auto LE only versions and other calibers. Yep, it needs a couple of improvements but here again KelTec proves why its guns are never in stock. The Survival RDB might be their best yet.

Cool watch shown in review:
Casio ProTrek PRW-3000-4BCR (PINK, Ultra Cool!, price goes up on this one quick):
Casio ProTrek PRW-3000-1CR Protrek (Tactical Black version):
Casio ProTrek PRG-300CM-3CR (Readable negative display, green camo band, COOL):
Casio ProTrek PRG-300-4CR (Dusty Orange, Olive Drad SHOWN):
Casio ProTrek PRG-300-8CR (Space White/Beige, SHOWN):
Casio ProTrek PRG-300-1A2CR (SIMPLE BLACK, two blue highlights, cool):
Casio ProTrek PRG300CM-4 (Orange Camo, Cool, SHOWN):

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