Assassin Blowgun Bowie Knife Airsoft, .40 &.625 Caliber Ammo! + Nerf :P04:33

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Published on February 17, 2017

Here’s two links to videos that went into making this

CO2 Bike Pump

Survival Knife:

Broad Head Darts (50)

0.625 Cal Cold Steel Stun Darts (50)

0.625 Cal Cold Steel Multi Dart (100) and 7 Driving Cones

0.40 Cal Predator Blowgun Spike Darts (50)

0.40 Cal Blowgun Broadhead Dart (25)

0.40 Spearhead Darts with Tactical Site

Assassins Creed Dart Gun Prototype:

Assassins Creed Dart Gun v2

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