A+ Troubleshooting Procedures04:33

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Published on January 11, 2018

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Class Notes:

Present Yourself Well
-Groom Yourself
-Brush Your Teeth
-Shower/ Deodorant (Not too much)
-Clothes should be well kempt and clean
-Smoking Smell bothers many people
-Your Physical Condition matters
-Be Respectful and Professional. “Sir/ Mam”

Listen Well
-Ask questions, don’t “talk”

Ask the Right Questions

Stick to the Tech
-Office politics can backfire.
-You support EVERYONE

-Always ask for documentation
-Create Documentation for what you do

-Make sure to be able to access license keys

Work Order Systems
-Ticketing systems allow management to track productivity of technicians

-Be methodical

Wrap Up
-Fix or Provide Actionable plan
-Always ask “Is there anything else?”

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