9 – 12 – 16 Hawaii Kilauea Volcano 61g lava Flow Nikon D800 Part 204:33

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Published on January 25, 2017

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Lava flow ocean entry at Kilauea volcano Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The Kamokuna ocean entry. 61g lava flow.

Part 2 of a 7 part series.

Spent 8+ hours out at the lava flow.
Some parts are louder than others depending on the location. Volume settings were the same throughout.

I’ve had numerous requests for longer videos and clips so, here they are.

There’s lots of subtle things going on throughout the video so, let your eyes wander.

The sounds you hear, ocean water evaporating into steam, waves breaking onto the flow as it enters the ocean and the loud clunks are from freshly cooled lava chunks being dragged over hardened lava rock and/or exploding.

On this night and day the winds were light so, most of the time the steam plume was blowing onshore. This is unusual at night and it often blocks good viewing of the lava entering the ocean.
But, it also adds an interesting element.

The video starts from the eastern side of the western bench. A small stream of lava as its entering the ocean. You’ll see saltwater rush up onto the flow and within the thick plume various chunks of lava being dragged into the ocean. Also, small blobs of lava being tossed into the air by the surging ocean waves. They are also flying about due to the lava’s interaction with the cool ocean waters and gases escaping.

Then it zooms out to the middle portion of the bench and lava spigots pouring into the ocean. The closer steam plume blocks the view at times.

It ends back where it began with a slightly different view.

The sea cliff averages about 45′ in height.

These new beaches are extremely dangerous. Stay away.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Many more videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn’t always easy.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of a volcanic eruption.
Stay away and watch my videos instead.

Having said my usual warning, let me add that this flow is accessible via hikes of at least 8-9 miles round trip.
Expect large crowds of people. Be sure to carry at least 3 liters of water per person.

Always use extreme caution at the sea cliffs and never walk out onto new land as it could easily collapse into the ocean taking you with it.
As the bench grows the immediate sea cliff will be vulnerable to collapse also.
I highly recommend you watching this HVNP safety video on safety at ocean entries.

Also, its best not to breath if you find yourself engulfed in the steam plume. If you think you will be in it often, be sure to wear a respirator or at the very least cover your mouth and nose with a shirt or similar when breathing.

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